Monday, September 26, 2016

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Okay I will admit, I've never written a blog before. Like Never. 

In the picture above you can clearly see a woman that is happily looking at her computer and I'm guessing she probably knows what she is doing. 
If I were to post a picture of myself it would show me developing my new blog today pulling my hair out, saying a few colorful words here and there and wishing my kids were home from school so they could help me get this up and running.

Yes, now you know my secret- I am technologically challenged.

If you end up following my blog, which I hope you do, you will also see that I can't spell worth a darn half the time and my sentence structure is a little off. Besides that though you may get a good laugh here or there or maybe learn a thing or two. My hope is you will.

I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. Now, that isn't all that I am, but it is a part of me that I will never forget. As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse that stayed silent till the age of 42 years I just want to tell you I get it. I get the pain, the nightmares, the tears, panic attacks, intrusive thoughts, flashbacks and the feelings of feeling that your entire world has turned upside down. 

Most survivors of childhood sexual abuse never tell. I never did. It took me decades before I would talk about what was done to me and the only reason I started was because I was triggered in my midlife. I went from being all star soccer mom, okay slight exaggeration , to feeling like I had completely lost it. Nuts. Cuckoo for coco puffs type of thing. I never would have imagined that the abuse that I had hidden for so many years and tried so hard to forget would suddenly come front and center and completely turn my life upside down. 
But it did and I know I am not alone because there are billions of us out here.

It took me years of intense therapy, group therapy, my own research , conferences , tears and hard work but I can say today I am so much better then I was when I started out on this journey. 

If you are a survivor of childhood sexual abuse I know your pain. The abuse you suffered was not your fault. It is never the fault of a child. You deserve support and you will get through this. It isn't easy by any stretch of the imagination but it can be done.

This blog is for you, the survivor, and all those that support survivors. Come join in as a community of survivors, break your silences, and begin anew.
Welcome to my blog, our blog , our journey.