Sunday, October 22, 2017

When #MeToo Isn't Enough...........................

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Is Saying #MeToo Enough?

There have been many articles, as of late, written on childhood sexual abuse and rape among the Hollywood Elite. Something that has been going on for a very long time. Children used as playthings, people knowing or suspecting but never coming to the defense of the children being abused behind closed doors or in ‘private parties”.

Childhood sexual abuse is widespread. It is in every culture, every town, every neighborhood yet we still do not know how to speak about childhood sexual abuse. We do not want to have the much needed conversations. Whether a survivor or community member childhood sexual abuse is silenced, hidden, swept under the rug.

At first I was almost excited about the whole #MeToo campaign. I thought finally people are coming forward and breaking their silences but is writing a #MeToo on your facebook profile wall enough to curb childhood sexual abuse? Is this one more “campaign” that will just be piled away with all the other clever campaigns?

As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse that stayed silent till midlife I know all too well the shame and silence that goes along with this epidemic that affects so many children. How the silence keeps you imprisoned, held down, in pain. Luckily I have also felt and seen the healing that comes by giving voice to the molestation and rape . The greatness that develops when survivors are supported, kids are empowered, and communities become trauma informed and taught prevention.

My heart goes out to all of those girls and boys ( yes boys are raped too) who have experienced the cruelty of child abuse, sexual assault and rape and harassment. At the same time I know that #MeToo campaign will die off like every other campaign..

We need more.  

We need to do more if we want to create healthier communities, end childhood sexual abuse and rape. We need to do more then carry a sign, blame men,or write #MeToo on our posts.
These are all great things I know but much more is needed and it begins with you and me.

Do you want a safer community for our children? A supportive society for survivors? Do you want to become more trauma informed and aid in prevention? Do you want to find healing. We must act and the sooner the better.

I invite you to join the EmpowerSurvivors movement, join one of our support groups for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse , learn prevention, attend our annual November conferences. Mostly come together as one united force that really wants to put the words #MeToo into action. We can do this folks but it takes talking about a hard subject. It takes working together. No one looks forward to a conversation about child rape but we need these conversations, we need the silence and darkness broken, we need trauma informed communities.

We need you.

We cannot fix what we do not acknowledge and our kids need our protection.

Visit our website at to learn more about our mission, the work we are doing, to donate to the cause, or attend this year’s Giving Voice Event being held on Saturday, November 11, 2017 in Stillwater,MN .

Elizabeth Sullivan
Founder, CEO and Thriver of EmpowerSurvivors
1940 South Greeley Street
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